The Uniflow Smart gas meter from Flonidan is a very simple meter to read.  The meter has a forward-facing digital screen with buttons underneath the screen.  This does mean that if your Uniflow gas meter is in a semi-concealed meter box then reading the screen will be difficult due to the angle.

Reading a Flonidan Gas Meter
Reading a Flonidan Gas Meter








Underneath the screen, there are three red buttons.  The buttons are marked as ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.  The screen will probably be blank.


To get a meter reading you should press the button marked ‘A’.

The screen will now display the meter reading.  It will start with the letter ‘v’ which represents volume (the volume of gas used).  After the letter ‘v’ the meter reading is displayed followed by ‘m3’, meaning cubic meters.

When recording your meter reading you read the numbers from left to right.  Any number after the decimal point should be ignored.  Any leading zeros should be included.  So in this example, the meter reading is 06532.

You can leave the meter, and the screen will go blank again on its own to conserve the battery.

Flonidan Uniflo Gas Meter
Flonidan Uniflo Gas Meter

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  1. dear sir since 30 nov 17 when we had a gas smart meter installed by a company tied to scottish power we have not been able to get a reading.I must say i was not shown how to get a reading so have not been able to confirm any readings from them’/ is it possible a battery has gone if so how is it changed .meter uniflo g4 szv

    1. Hi, the Uniflow is easy to get a reading from, so it does sound like the battery might not be working.

      If you contact your gas supplier they will send someone out to replace the battery (although they usually replace the whole meter).

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