Reading your Elster gas meter

Firstly, if you have an in-home device, then you should be able to get a meter reading from that.  If you don’t have an in-home device, or it has stopped working due to changing suppliers, then you will need to take a meter reading directly from the gas meter itself.

If your gas meter has a digital display screen with a left arrow, right and a circle, then it is probably an Elster Smart Meter.  This is one of the easiest smart meters to get a direct reading from.


How to read your Elster gas meter

If the screen is blank, then you should be able to just press any of the buttons to ‘wake up’ the screen.  This will make the screen light up.  If the screen doesn’t appear to have lit up, double-check by ensuring that it is dark enough to see the display, some screens are very hard to read if the sun is shining on them.  This should not be an issue with an Elster smart gas meter, as they have a very good quality screen.  If the battery that powers the gas meter is low, the display screen will start to fade until it becomes blank.

If the screen doesn’t light up, then try one of the other buttons.  If the screen still hasn’t lit up, then it could be that the battery in the meter that powers the screen has run out.  You will need to contact your gas supplier for them to arrange for an engineer to come out and replace the battery.

Reading an Elster Smart Gas Meter
Reading a Elster Gas Meter







Once the screen is lit up it will display the Current Meter Reading.  You should make a note of the numbers before (to the left of) the decimal point.  The numbers after (to the right) of the decimal point are ignored.  Any leading zero’s should be included in your meter reading.  So in this example, the meter reading is 01234.

Elster Smart Meter
Elster Smart Meter

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