The Themis-Alpha gas meter produced by Honeywell was the smart meter of choice for E.on and SSE when it was released.

This meter comes with two different setups, forward-facing and angled. This allows for use in a semi-concealed meter box, something which the Landis & Gyr meters are not ideally designed for.


Many gas meters are not ideal for use in a semi-concealed meter box, due to having a forward-facing face. This makes the dials hard to read. However, the angled option of the Themis-Alpha allows the meter to be read whilst stood above it.  If you have a semi-concealed meter box, and your supplier puts in a Themis-Alpha with a front-facing readout, then it would be wise to contact them and asked for an angled meter instead.

In addition to the angled aspect within a semi-concealed meter box, the Themis-Alpha is also a very hard-wearing meter. Many smart gas meters are not.  As a semi-concealed box is at risk of filling with water due to either rain or groundwater seeping in, then the Themis-Alpha is much more suited than say a Landis & Gyr smart meter.

This meter also promises a 20-year battery life. Smart Meters are powered by a battery, many Smart Meters only offer a 10-year battery life. When the battery runs out it requires someone coming out and changing the battery or the meter.  Although it will not say it directly on your bill, the cost of sending out engineers to replace meters and batteries will ultimately be added to your charges.

How to Read Your Elster Gas Meter

Your smart meter should connect to your in-home device from which you can take a meter reading.  There are some occasions when you do need to manually take a reading.  Perhaps your in-home device has broken, or you have changed supplier and it no longer works.  Don’t worry, getting a meter reading from an Elster smart meter is easy.

Reading an Elster Smart Gas Meter
Reading an Elster Gas Meter







To get a meter reading, check if the screen is lit up, if it isn’t press one of the buttons (the arrows or the circle).  Your meter should display Current Meter Reading.  Make a note of the numbers before the decimal point, including any leading zeros.  In this case the meter reading is 01234.

Elster Themis-Alpha Smart Meter
Elster Themis-Alpha Smart Meter

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