The G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter is a very basic dumb gas meter.  In the same vein as the Sensus U6 meter this is a sturdy gas meter with at least a twenty-year life span.  Slightly slimmer than the U6 it will fit in a semi-concealed meter box, but not quite as snuggly, but is certainly a much better fit than say the Nuovo.  The readout window is forward-facing, so is a little more difficult to read in a semi-concealed gas meter box.

The dial for the meter is the same as other common dumb meters, and very easy to read.

Sensus U6 Meter Reading
G4 Meter Reading






Like other dumb meters, to get a meter reading you should record the numbers that are surrounded in black, and the red numbers (which are fractions) should be ignored.



G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter
G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter

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