The Nuovo Pignone is a hardy dumb gas meter.  Smaller than the more popular Sensus dumb meter, the Nuovo Pignone is almost just as robust a reliable.

One issue is that the Nuovo does get dwarfed in some meter box installations and sits a little uneasy.  In a wall cavity meter box the Nuovo Pignone takes up very little space and does look rather odd.  In a semi-concealed meter box, the Nuovo Pignone really isn’t suited.  A sloppy engineer will leave it sat in the well of the gas meter box, making it almost impossible to read.  A good engineer will do their best to fit it on a bracket within the box, but they are really not suitable for this type of gas meter box.


There are a couple of slightly different versions of the Nuovo, one of the main differences is that some don’t have a test nipple, instead the test nipple is on the outlet flexible pipework.

The Nuovo is rarely used as a new install in the UK now.

Reading a Nuovo Pignone is just the same as reading other dumb gas meters such as the Sensus meter.

Sensus U6 Meter Reading
Reading a dumb gas meter.






The display will show five digits surrounded in black, and three digits surrounded in red.  The reading should be taken left to right, and the digits in read should be ignored.  So this reading would be 00693.

Nuovo Pignone
Nuovo Pignone

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