Landis & Gyr G470 Gas Meter

Landis & Gyr G470 Gas Meter The Landis & Gyr G470 gas meter is a second-generation smart meter, essentially an upgrade on the G370.  Stylish and simple to use this meter promises to be around for some time. Used by British Gas the G470 connects with the Landis & Gyr E470 electric meter, which in turn [...]

Landis & Gyr 370 Series Gas Meter

Landis & Gyr 370 Series Gas Meter The G370 series is a modular solution that satisfies the UK Smart metering requirements. A G370 module can be quickly retrofitted to existing L+G meters to upgrade economically with Smart capabilities. Landis & Gyr G370 provides for Credit mode, Prepayment mode (although rarely used by suppliers), AMI and [...]

Landis & Gyr Libra 210 Gas Meter

Landis & Gyr Libra 210 Advanced PrePayment The Libra 210 module provides the UK industry-standard method of gas pre-payment functionality through a secure Smart Card system. When fitted to a meter the module will account for gas consumption on a block tariff supporting up to 6 blocks, recover debt, provide controlled emergency credit and provides [...]

Landis & Gyr G130 Gas Meter

The Landis & Gyr G130 is a small electronic gas meter with a digital backlit display, internal shut-off valve, factory fitted battery (minimum 10-year life, compared to the 20-year battery life of the Elster smart meter) and 1″ BS 746 connections. Dumb Meter With Smart Potential The G130 module offers simple credit meter operation much [...]

Elster Themis-Alpha Smart Gas Meter

The Themis-Alpha gas meter produced by Honeywell was the smart meter of choice for E.on and SSE when it was released. This meter comes with two different setups, forward-facing and angled. This allows for use in a semi-concealed meter box, something which the Landis & Gyr meters are not ideally designed for. Many gas meters [...]